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    In real estate business, speed is often crucial. Call us to discuss what time and day of the week you would want your inspections to be scheduled on.

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    Every home inspected by Landon Inspections is eligible for an all-encompassing 18-month home warranty.

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    Our digital inspection reports have helped thousands of property buyers and sellers make smooth and fair real estate deals.

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    Communication is vital in real estate deals. We keep you 100% updated and provide complete support, from initial consultations and scheduling your client’s home inspection, to reviewing the report and answering all thousands of questions your client may have during/after the inspection.

    At Landon Home Inspection, we have partnered with some awesome local real estate agents in New York and the surrounding area. 

    With technology like infrared cameras, moisture detectors, and more, I can detect hidden issues that other home inspectors may overlook, and ensure your clients are fully informed about the condition of the home they’re interested in purchasing.

    Home Inspection Warranties & Guarantees


    30 Day Buyers Protection Discount:

    Sometimes there are circumstances in the real estate process that come up. If you decide not to purchase the home for any reason (i.e. appraisal goes bad, negotiations fall apart, financing issues, etc.), Landon Home Inspections will give you a discount of $100 off the price of the second, third, etc. general home inspection fee.

    This offer is good for 30 days from the date of the initial inspection providing you continue to use the same realtor.

    90 Day Limited Warranty:

    Covers certain mechanical and structural defects that may occur after the home inspection. The warranty is valid 90 days from the inspection or 22 days from the closing; whichever comes later. View policy for coverage.

    Free Lifetime Porch Home Assistant Gold Membership:

    You will be registered for a free Porch Home Assistant Gold Membership; it’s like having AAA for your home!

    This incredible service is valued at over $350 per year. The Porch Home Assistant Concierge service is designed to help you easily transition into your new home by helping you get movers, the utilities set up, connecting cable/internet, having locks rekeyed, etc.

    It also includes coupon savings for handyman services to assist in the new home. Porch will have its certified inspection experts provide answers and guidance for questions asked and give referrals for vetted contractors in your area.

    The membership also includes an emergency phone number answered 24/7 for home support. The benefits of this membership are endless.


    Covers the clean-up of mold growth if it is seen by you after the home inspection but not noted in the report. The MoldSafe policy is valid 90 days from the date of the inspection or 22 days from the closing; whichever comes later. View policy for coverage.

    Platinum 5 Year Roof Leak Protection Plan:

    Covers certain roof issues that may arise following the home inspection. The Platinum Roof Leak Protection Plan is valid for 5 years from the date of the home inspection. View policy for coverage.

    Radon Protection Plan:

    This policy is offered for a period of 120 days following the full home inspection including a radon test by LHI, or 22 days after closing, whichever comes later. View policy for coverage.


    This recall reporting system will send you a custom report of any recalls that are FREE In-Home repairs. You will also be sent an ongoing monthly RecallTrak e-mail that monitors all the appliances (with readable model/serial #s) for future recalls. The RecallTrak allows you to add/update appliances in your account for FREE at any time for life.


    Covers certain damages (i.e. break in pipe) that may occur with the lateral sewer line (home to sewer main in the street) after the home inspection. The SewerGard policy is valid 90 days from the date of inspection or 22 days from the closing; whichever comes later.

    If you have us conduct a sewer camera inspection during the general home inspection and it shows the line is fine, the 90 Day SewerGard policy is automatically extended to 6 months! View policy for coverage.

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